Spelunking Spider

Spelunking Spider

In the shower, I begin to shampoo and suddenly encounter a Spelunking Spider… Struck by his daring, I watch his pendulum swing to and fro; cable and harness, fidelis companions, enduring the violent rush of waters. Bearing towards a doom unknown, surely Spelunking Spider, catching a truthful wave, flees what seemed a promising home during the drought. Ah, but nature’s cycle rears, and here and now, determined to live, Spelunking Spider casts his fate to the fickle wind of a dastardly decline… Spill of rapids, no harbor below, Spelunking Spider acts and trusts, as life does end, “not this day.” Nothing short of a miracle can save Spelunking Spider now, yet still deeper he dives…

I grab his thread, open the shower, and place him on the floor.

“Already saved one life today.”

-Herf Yamaya ©

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